February Update: Homebase

At TQ, we’re working to advance the Tezos ecosystem by building open-source software and public goods. Here’s the latest from our development efforts on DAO creation and management:



  • The core Homebase UI has been implemented for both the creation and exploration flow.
  • TreasuryDAO creation and participation in the interface on testnet will be ready for testing soon.
  • DAOs can now be created and originated with proper TZIP-16 metadata handling.
  • DAO indexing is now handled through an IPFS/Pinata implementation to ensure efficient information retrieval.
  • A token holder list on each DAO page is now viewable, and a voting countdown timer calculation logic has been implemented.
  • The Homebase team is working on updating to the latest Tezos tooling (Beacon and Taquito), adding a flush button to execute successful proposals, and making Agora Post IDs optional for proposals (enabling forum integration).


  • The BaseDAO team is currently working to update the framework based on the successful transition to Edo and re-deploy on Edonet.
  • BaseDAO will soon allow DAO creators to include a RegistryDAO proposal type to target external smart contracts (e.g. for DAOs which govern parameters within DeFi protocols)
  • Work has begun on a Typescript SDK to allow projects to easily deploy and incorporate DAO functionality into their applications
  • Optimization work continues as we clean up the LIGO contracts to reduce contract size and integrate additional tests.

Feature development continues around the following:

  • Adding a number of off-chain views such as `token_address` and `total_supply`.
  • Revising and restoring checks applying to most entrypoints.
  • Refining time-sensitive tests.
  • Planning integration of vesting payments / money streaming (more on this in a future blog post)

A new type of DAO, enabled by Edo:

  • We are also working to design a new type of DAO which allocates voting rights to bakers based on the number of rolls they have, rather than based on an FA2 governance token balance
  • This is based on the new Voting Power opcode introduced by Edo and allows the creation of baker-governed DAOs

— -

A special thanks to all those who continue to provide feedback on the design of BaseDAO. As with prior releases, we actively welcome feedback on Homebase and BaseDAO, particularly as we and others in the community work to implement it for user governance of their applications and community initiatives.

Reach out if you’d like to get involved!