Introducing OpenMinter


Today we’re announcing the preview release of the OpenMinter project, which enables anyone to create and showcase NFTs on Tezos. The preview release (v0.1) features an NFT creation engine and showcase to view your owned and minted collectibles. Users can opt to trade their NFTs in FA2-based marketplaces like Kalamint or view tokens in their wallet.

Key Resources


OpenMinter was built with creators and collectors in mind, enabling anyone to create NFTs on Tezos with just a few clicks. It enables artists from different genres and styles the opportunity to digitize their art in the form of a token on Tezos. Tokenized art can be easily displayed to the world, and sent to a friend (or fan) via email, reddit, or Twitter address using DirectAuth.

Transaction history and marketplace capabilities to come in future versions

What’s next?

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A special thanks to all those who have provided feedback on OpenMinter. As with prior releases, we actively welcome feedback on OpenMinter, particularly as we and others in the community work to implement it for tokenization initiatives and marketplaces. Reach out if you’d like to get involved!

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